Are we STILL talking about the Flu?

It is March 4th and it seems like we have been talking about the flu since… well since Fall. And the truth is that we HAVE. We are still seeing daily posts of sick kids, moms, dads… entire families. Some have the flu. Everyone assumes it is the flu at this point whether it is or not. And I am still here with the same response to the flu that we give whether it is September, January or March.

Once you are sick is NOT the time for prevention or to try to figure out what to do next.

Please do not misunderstand me. As a Naturopathic Practitioner, I am more than happy to help my clients trouble shoot, make homeopathic recommendations and let people pick up or help order supplements. However, that is crisis momentum and we want you to already be armed for the defense. We don’t want you to go into battle… we want you to simply call the reserves because the soldiers have already been at work in boosting and protecting your immune systems.

We see a significant reduction in both severity and duration of flu, colds, ear aches and just about every other seasonal illness when our clients are taking high quality specific supplements. Then if they do get sick, we simply back them up with a homeopathic medicine or two, they rest for a couple days and off they go.

In this post, I will share which supplements we recommend to have on board all year long. In a following post, I will share which supplements and homeopathics to have in your arsenal for when you need to call in the reserves.

For children, we recommend to have a strong, high quality multi-vitamin on board. You do not want a sugary vitamin or one full of artificial colors and sweeteners because those ingredients may weaken the immune system or cause allergic reactions. Children can take a chewable multi-vitamin. We recommend Shaklee supplements and we have had great results with the Incredivites Chewable or Ocean Wonders. For teenagers and adults, we recommend the Vita Lea Multi-Vitamin- tailored for men, women and those over 55 years old or the Vitalizer Vitamin Strips (which contains some of the below supplements, also).

Vitamin C comes in many forms. For children, we recommend giving the Chewable Vitamin C- (1 tablet per age up to 5 tablets. If the child is older and actively sick, they can take 2-3 chewables multiple times a day). For teenagers and adults, Sustained Release Vitamin C is a great option as this form stays int he system longer. Again, we do not want any artificial colors or sweeteners.

Probiotics are key to a healthy gut and you may have heard the saying that the immune system is in the gut. Now probiotics are tricky because there are so many options on the market. You need a well rounded probiotic. We typically recommend acidophilus and bifidobacteria as these bacteria are so important to the gut. However, new research has shown that there are many beneficial strains. We could do an entry just on probiotics. Our standard recommendation is to start with the Optiflora Pearl or Optiflora DI. For babies and children, the DI is easier because it can be opened up into a powder. One caution I give is that what I call mega probiotics are becoming popular and we are seeing unwanted results. Please avoid probiotics that boast upward of 8, 10, 12 or even more strains in one dose. These can actually cause flare ups and are unneeded unless specifically advised by a healthcare practitioner for a specific reason.

Finally, many teens and adults will benefit from taking Nutriferon, which is a powerful immune boosting supplement. The supplement was created after decades of research into supporting the immune systems natural ability to fight and boasts research in the Journal of Virology. I personally take this supplement all year round.

Disclaimer: The products above are what we use in our home and often recommend in our office. The links are linked to our website and allow us to help you with further questions you may have.

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