What Is Naturopathic Health Care?

Hello and Welcome to INHC!  We are so glad that you found us in your search for Natural and Alternative options to getting and staying healthy.  So just what exactly is Naturopathic Health Care?  This is a common question that we get asked.  The answer is both simple and complex.

Naturopathic Care has been around since the 1800’s.  And it takes on many different appearances.  Most importantly, Naturopathic Philosophy states that If given the right things, the body has the ability to heal itself.  Perhaps you have heard this before.  The body was designed to be healthy and is a self healing system.  Of coarse, there are many things we do to our bodies that affect our overall health and one of the jobs of a Naturopath is to figure out the underlying reason the body is not working properly.

At INHC, we use Naturopathic Philosophy and Natural Approaches to help you and your family get and be healthy.  We incorporate supplements, homeopathics, urine and saliva testing and other approaches, as needed.  In addition, we are able to work with your health care professionals, look at previous testing and make referrals when needed.  So what type of clients come to us?  Here are just a few examples.

Clients wishing to support their body while they work with a medical doctor to get off pharmaceutical medications.

Clients with special needs children wishing to look at natural and complimentary approaches to helping their children make gains and stay healthy.

Families looking for alternatives to dealing with seasonal allergies.

Moms looking to optimize health during pregnancy.

Women wanting to balance hormones either during fertile years or in later years.

Families looking for alternative options to dealing with seasonal illnesses.

These are just a few examples of clients that Becky Cash works with.  As a mom of special needs children herself, Becky is also able to help families navigate the difficult journey in finding diagnosis and therapies for their children.  Our goal is to not just be another stop on the road to living a healthy and prosperous road, but to be part of your families journey.

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Becky Cash, CNHP, ND

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